Video content is widely recognized as the most effective form of message promotion on the internet. As Brands compete for target audience attention, the demand for quality video content is growing rapidly. Video production is the multi-layered process of creating video content for the commercial needs of clients. The service is based on the art of filmmaking fundamentals, but, depending on target objective and budget, may be delivered successfully in various formats – from high-end cinematic TV-format ads, to DIY small team videography to stir the world of social media. Both endeavors can be successful for the needs of a business, depending on the scope and strategy in play. Video Production for marketing and advertising purposes may involve original on-set filming and digital recording, or the use of pre-shot stock footage, providing quick and budget-sensitive solutions to a pressing deadline.



The main stages of video production are three: pre-productionproduction, and post-production. Pre-Production: Planning, Planning and more PLANNING. From target research and script-writing, to reference moodboards, storyboards and choice of crew – the pre-production stage of a video is the foundation and backbone of every project. Good organization guarantees a seamless process and prepares for containing unfavorable scenarios. Production: Executing the idea through the expertise of a seasoned film crew, on-set, at an exterior location or an in-house studio.

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Post-Production: Screening raw footage, software Editing, adding Visual effects, recording and mastering Voice Over, composing sound design or purchasing music score rights, color-grading raw shots into eye-candy, or finally adding animated titles. The process of Post-production is complex and timely but ultimately it is what gives the video shape. It is the factor that determines how well a story is told or a message is conveyed to the target audience.