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About us



+ Concept Hive & Generator of Buzz, Studio Rubik provides custom-tailored digital creative,

viral videos & bespoke design to enterprises & start-ups.

+ [re]BRANDING the World – the journey from GOOD to GREAT, delivering brands to next

levels of global awareness.

+ Creating original content with international reach since 2011.



D‌I‌‌S‌‌R‌‌U‌‌P‌T‌ ‌ ‌

Redefining normality through creativity. Dropping “bombs” to surpass the conscious barrier and tickle the subconscious mind of audiences worldwide.

We aim to stir brands, not merely from within but to send ripples throughout the surface of entire industries, ripples that turn to waves. Concepts with potential to “break the internet”. Campaigns that burn bright and leave a mark. We strive to take on rare, meaningful commercial endeavours that serve a purpose beyond just meeting local market Status Quo. Disruption turns traditional marketing and sales rules upside down, shakes things up, to break the norm and set a trend. Disruptive Creative & Marketing introduces next-level solutions for companies to rethink, alter or re-do from scratch their brand’s image and awareness. Powered by innovation & imagination, disruption in the world of business, has proven capable of hitting record-breaking results, on little more than a tight budget and a bold idea.

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Any void can be filled with the right set of tools. Our process relies on “doing our homework” before changing the course of action. Research, research, research.

References, mood boards, persona-building, SWAT analyses - the foundations pillars of our process. We make sure we understand the product and your business before applying our angle on the task. Each campaign is custom-tailored to your needs, and synched with current economic trends.

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No idea is obsolete! Second-hand is the next first come - first serve. History says that good artists borrow, great artists - steal! We take a handful of masterpiece ingredients.

Run them through the grinder of our imagination, which is the recipe for our signature originals, served fresh and steaming every time. And of course, don’t forget - a pinch of Chemical-X (factor), to spice things up.

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We move forward with the flow, yet stand ready to go back in time, space and matter, when evolution demands it. Influences are cyclical, and trends are boomerangs.

Move with the currents and be-water-my-friend, is a good strategy to avoid getting boomeranged in the back of the head. Nothing’s permanent. Change, is the only constant.

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Good work is easy to spot. Great work is invisible to the eye, only seen in the mind. Every market is both a canvas and a mirror. Change one side and the other reflects it.

By bending traditional formats, and tuning in market acoustics, we aim to resonate your message and deliver it to your audience, as music. Selling brand experiences should be an adventure of the senses. On a mission to reinvent digital excellence, through razor-sharp concepts, sharing relatable stories, wrapped in bespoke design.

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Time does not exist beyond the start and finish line. The in-between is a place of sprints and jogs, powered by endurance and experience.

Setting proper frames is what keeps the pace steady on the path to longterm goals. Yet sometimes opportunity requires pushing through adversity. Forged by pressure, we are known to work magic under tight constraints. No one can truly guarantee you success but you can count on us to: Meet Criteria, Work Hard and Long, Go that Extra Mile, Exceed Expectations. Workflow is laser-focused but relaxed.

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We give a shit. Whether it’s your website, [re]Branding campaign, corporate video, or just an in-house passion project - our team players are either Pass or All-In.

No middle ground or half-ass effort happening between the walls of our offices and skulls. True Commitment is the fusion of inspiration and reputation. Collective work ethic is what makes us whole, and what separates us from the rest. Studio Rubik lives and dies for its ideas. As somewhere beyond, Creative Valhalla awaits.

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We are worth the trust. Even if the word “crazy” has been thrown our way once or twice before, there is a solid formula behind the mad science of tickling imaginations and selling experiences.

Ideas demand sacrifices. Results are louder than promises. Our track record speaks of the challenging endeavours, Herculean efforts, long-fought victories and trophies, which carved out the refined but solid block of marble we are today.

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To try new ways even if the old still work [safety paths rarely take you someplace new]. To say WE.GOT.EDGE and own it, means we better be able to walk that edge, stand on it, resist Vertigo, and not fall.

Then again… Sometimes, you gotta jump to fly. Sometimes, it all comes down to a split-second of jaw-dropping action. Sometimes, the whole world watches and you forget to breathe. But stage-fright is long-gone, and we stand before our clients - ready to guide, swim against the current, climb and carry their message all the way to the top of the mountain, then launch it into space. Such journeys require heart, the stomach, and a pinch of madness. On both sides. If this makes sense, and fits with your brand’s vision for the future, hold your breath and take a leap of faith with us. History favours the bold.

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Core Team

Core Team

A Company of Digital Artisans


Award-winning industry veterans, armed with tools & expertise, trigger-ready

to light your fire, & smoke the competition.

In other words: KABOOM & CHI-CHING!