The Brief

The Brief

AAKASHA, custom-tailored or contemporary, a fashion brand for the casual extravagant. Urban, minimal, futuristic garments, trending in the US, Asia & Scandinavia. Started as a passion project, it took the brand just four years to emerge as the fourth largest store on ETSY.com

The client expressed the need for a major evolutionary step but also concerns for the risk of loosing established clientele. ReBranding was unavoidable, as ETSY had gradually limited the store’s scalability, to avoid monopoly and maintain a market of small-to-mid scale artisans.The goal was to enter new markets, sell higher-end products at higher prices, and raise brand recognition.

AAKASHA was to change but maintain its customer base, initiating the transition to become independent from ETSY, without suffering major losses. Our objective was to reinvent a signature brand and fashion experience that stands up to haute couture names like Off-White, Rick Owens, Balenciaga. Moreover, to attract a new audience, and expand the customer base. Deliver the message that all designs are custom-tailored in-house.

Our Angle

Our Angle

We like to start [re]Brands slow, by doing our homework first. Phase I: Discovery, is the moment to audit the brand, scout the market, mimic others, go back in time, gather intel and steal know-how. In this case, it taught us that high fashion means wearable art, contemporary in its attitude, and proud of its weirdness. We also learned that “alien” describes a feeling of unknown familiarity that is both unsettling and welcoming to those who stand out from the crowd. And since “Aakasha” means Aether - the mystic material surrounding planets, keeping them afloat in space. Naturally, we took what was already there, and put a cosmic spin on the entire ReBrand - implanting Sci-Fi mystery as a driving motif.

In order to Change but Remain, we split the brand into three (planets), spawning two new sub-brands:

AAKASHA: the motherbrand, gently refreshed but unchanged in pricing, to sustain the customer base at ETSY - if it works, don’t fix it!

AAEGO: the high-end specimen of the AAKASHA trio - provocative models at significantly higher prices. AAEGO vs AAEGO, a kind of Emporio vs Georgio Armani brand segmentation.

AARIZE: casual sportswear that retains the spirit of elegance of the main brand. Mid-priced, made for urban movers with a style.

The Outcome

The Outcome

Each sub-brand is a planet, each planet has a signature color code, a highlight juxtaposed to the prevailing monochrome minimalism of the AA universe. We designed the AA attitude unapologetically confident, communicated through its disruptive Lingo (those who wear AA are UNFUCKWITHABLE; Alien wearable language, God Complex Skin).

We split collections into:

ætHER & ætHIM, and completed a deep and passionate Brand Bible, embracing its new Logo, spreading its authentic tone-of-voice across the fashion universe. Redesigned from end-to-end, the brand launched its new Webstore, entirely remodelled and optimised, in matching colours and bravado with the massive content that followed. We drew inspiration from neon classics like Blade Runner, Gattaca and The Matrix, to produce an out-of-this-world Fashion Editorial photoshoot. At last, months of work came all together to complete the ReBrand with a Cinematic Trailer that warps viewers into the story and leaves them feeling otherworldly. Our goal was to leave the mystery lingering and unexplained, provoking interest in the form of a movie/game teaser. The universe of AA was born.

All Hail AAKASHA. Embrace. Transform. Ascend.

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