Guerilla Marketing

client  :  Trading 212  | 

year  :  2018  | 

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The Brief

The Brief

As part of Trading 212’s renowned disruptive campaign “Zero-Commission Stock Trading”, we were further commissioned
to extend the hype of the #tradingRevolution, through the subtle methods of Guerrilla Marketing. Moreover, to
film a Mockumentary-style video, built around a disruptive interactive installation, which carries the message, atmosphere
and impact of the campaign’s TV ad, through live performance. Together, in collaboration with DDB, we filmed and directed
a daring Live Act commercial in real-time, while surrounded by visitors and unsuspecting competition, at the very centre of
the “World Trading Expo”, in Frankfurt.

Our Angle

Our Angle

Rumour has it that ever since Trading 212 launched their Zero Commission Stock Trading revolution, the old commissioners
have been furious over the fact that it makes them “very non-rich”. Complaining about the sudden deficit of Lobsters on their
meal, the commissioners Stefan and Olaf (TV Ad personas, portrayed by actors) have decided to take matters in their own hands,
and arrive at the World Trading Expo to protest in person.

To manifest the conflict, the brand appeared in not one but two branded
Expo plots, positioned across from each other. In contrast, one venue welcomed visitors into the friendly high-tech world of
Trading 212, the other puzzled pedestrians with the radical “Anti-Trading Revolution”. Built as a sign of protest by the “old commissioners,
this venue appeared still very much in the analog age, equipped with obsolete monitors, and populated by “old money” characters with
grumpy faces, behind desks, covered in paperwork. Stefan and Olaf were here to let everyone at the Expo know that they want their
commissions back.


The Outcome

The Outcome

Rumour has it that ever since Trading 212 launched their Zero Commission Stock Trading revolution, the old commissioners

The comedic duo interacted with visitors, played golden golf and darts, even went as far as to boycott presentations and
interrupt guest speakers. Trading 212’s original venue representatives, responded to the commissioners desperate and
aggressive behaviour, with smiles and kindness. The showdown was on. An audience was quickly gathering around the
venues. After a month of planning, followed by a weekend of action and live improvisation, our mutual efforts pulled
through. By the end, the majority of visitors were left convinced in the authenticity of our characters, who took turns
to give interviews on national TV and other media - generating a ton of free publicity.

Trading 212 & Anti-Trading Revolution stole the show at the World Expo, immersing visitors in a theatrical performance that
entertained and raised organic brand awareness. The campaign culminated with the release of its Mockumentary-style case
study. As a result of such bold guerrilla moves, and the brand’s relentless strive for disruption, Trading 212 has deservedly
earned the title of #1 Trading App in the UK.



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