the brief

the brief

"I do-Adv” was among those rare Eastern-European companies of the early 90s - built from scratch overnight and against the odds, to yet persevere the winds of change. Adopting a western work ethic, the company excelled gradually, and later defined local industry standards.

Once upon a time, the small atelier of three fellow artists, hand-painting street signs to make a living, some twenty years later - the “I do Adv” claims total market monopoly, undisputed in the services of High-End Wayfinding Solutions and Interior Design Branding. Trusted by the majority of regional Banks, Malls, Corporate Buildings, to design, produce and install large outdoor signage, as well as, complex office interior and public navigational systems.

Upon the company’s 20th anniversary, the one issue “I do Adv” could not solve internally, was becoming unavoidable. There was little left to conquer on the national market, and the interest of foreign partners and potential clients, confirmed it was time to expand services beyond local borders. They came to us, at StudioRubik, in dire need of a ReBrand; a complete make-over to attain an internationally-competitive image. Instead of handling the task in-house, Ido Adv trusted us to do what we do best:

Transformation Magic.

our angle

our angle

Once again, our approach to this ReBrand was based on solid research. During our Discovery Phase, we learned that “I do”, is in fact, key-word associated with weddings and engagement proposals. Their current website, although once relevant for its time, now screamed the year 2005 - crude, buggy, confusing, not even mobile-friendly.

The company’s rich history - the legacy of I Do Adv, was required to have major presence in the architecture of the new website. The only problem was - it came in the form of bullet points and calendar dates, two pages long. We knew that no visitor would read lines over lines of boring, so to avoid the ruining of the new web layout, we envisioned the text of the “history” section, converted to a fun and quirky motion graphic animation.

This much was clear: we are standing on twenty years of hard work and brand dedication, yet we must tear down everything but the Story. Drastic measures in the name of evolution, including a change of name but not of heart.To define the brand’s new tone-of-voice, we wrote copy, took photos, shot videos, designed and animated graphics, wrote code. A devoted team effort, driven by the challenge to deliver a great analog service company to its worthy digital representation. Moreover, to make the business of making signs - look cool and sexy.

the outcome

the outcome


I D O - Imagination Driven Originals

Complete brand identity transformation on display. From the color of its skin, through the language of its voice, to the motion of its presence, IDO is now a new person - the collective identity of its team, experience, portfolio - expressed through contemporary design, interactive function, and captivating content.

The Eye of IDO - an epitome of creative vision, embedded in the craftwork of each eye-candy product, made by the company. A logo that is never static for long - a movement-driven accent, integrated with the website navigation, and all video content. The new full-pager site, navigated through a sequence of overlapping screens, offers minimal design and responsive animations, reflective of the brand’s versatility and excellence. To celebrate the adaptive nature of IDO’s services, we attributed their web journey with chameleon features - just hit “refresh” to change the color palette of the current page layout.

Arriving at will present you with control over interactive features, or provide intriguing reads from client case studies, describing challenges on an enterprise scale, tackled over the years. Cut at an angle, the Burger Menu is quick to point the right way to IDO’s BREAD&BUTTER, or play the Cinematic Corporate Video. Scenes of grinding effort, mixed with sequences of lifestyle and team spirit, capture on screen, the ideal essence of this brand - Work Hard - Play Hard.

Sure, driving across the country to reshoot each major project in the brand’s portfolio, in matching photosessions, was exhausting. But in the end, it was well worth it - a finale to the reimagined brand experience of IDO - the Unique Sign-Maker.

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