Social media campaign

branding, motion graphic video

client  :  Nobelar  | 

year  :  2018  | 

services  :  , , ,

The Brief

The Brief

This one was something else. It pushed our teams on many fronts, and made us think FUTURE.

The project: a blockchain-powered platform and cryptocurrency that creates opportunities for global celebrities to
auction their fame, monetise private interactions with fans, and support charitable causes. Celebrities create their
personal profiles on the NOBELAR platform (KYC-verified) and release auctions or buy-it-now events for public
bidding (via the NOBELAR token). Fans around the world, are granted a one-of-a-kind chance to bid on their idol’s
prize - a live meet-&-greet experience, like a plane ride, or a premier invitation. Celebrities earn direct income - half of
which goes to a charity, voted by the NOBELAR community.

Unlike charity foundations that operate autonomously, the NOBELAR platform is 100% TRANSPARENT. The marketplace is built
on the Ethereum Blockchain to guarantee total public visibility of cash flows and parties involved in the donation. Through
community-governance, NOBELAR eliminates corruption in charity fundraising. Fans, on the other hand, get to not only meet
their idol but make the world a better place, together, as a dream team. Simply put, our task was to create and market a radical
product with appeal to both celebrities, and their core fanbase, while maintaining an image of institutional credibility.

No pressure.

Our Angle

Our Angle

Tailor a brand worthy of limelight attention; build a web platform that binds style, innovation and security; spread the message through disruptive content. We envisioned a logo that looks magnificent on a billboard, yet sustains elegance as a miniature among other cryptocurrency symbols listed on

TECH-inspired, MINIMAL in execution, EXCLUSIVE by association, the NOBELAR logotype exudes both the spirit of welcoming, and the mystique of a secret society. Branding that says: “I’m Nobelar, and I come from the future. You can trust me because I’m transparent, and count on me because I have friends in high places.” As we gradually chiseled the NOBELAR logo, the right symbol presented itself, hand-picked from a dozen proposals, by no other than a mystery celebrity, only later disclosed by the client.


The Outcome

The Outcome

Upon completion of the branding, the project’s White Paper description & ideology was uploaded. The explanatory motion graphic animation that we delivered the client, was allegedly sent out for private viewings to the agents of global stars. For presentational purposes, the project summary was packaged in a creative and dynamic format, narrated in first-person by a mellow Voice Over. The video send-outs served as an “early-bird” introduction to the project, to create traction, secure partnerships and attract fundraising.

A few months later, the client returned with feedback and casually informed us that among those who had viewed the video and expressed interest, were the names of Pras Michel, Alicia Keys, Jay Z & Beyonce. Small world, hmm.

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