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Doing honest work for the biggest IT Company in the country is its own reward. More so, when favored over the other fine agencies invited
to pitch and compete for the opportunity. Our proposal, attitude, and portfolio seemed to click with the client’s vision, and thus Rubik was
tasked with yet another peculiar objective - to produce the official corporate video of Telelink Business Services - a state-of-the-art workspace,
currently uninhabited due to Covid-19.

A lively, modern but cozy display of people and technology under one roof, located at the bottom of a majestic mountain. Not your stereotypical
cubicle Corporation. Requested for recruitment purposes and brand awareness, the final product should solve the issue of the smart but temporary
empty office building, introduce it as a welcoming ideal workspace for the next generation careerists. How do you show the perks of working in a place
where no one works at the moment?

Easier done than said. With a little imagination and movie magic, any empty building can become alive [just as in “Night at the Museum”]. We handpicked the brave
few volunteers from the army of remote Telelink employees and summoned them in the flesh to the digital fortress that is TBS [negative Covid
test and all, naturally]. We then mixed in a handful of individuals that “look the part” [actors, production crew members] to fill and animate the
backgrounds of the brave real TBS employees, and through the eye of the camera - the workspace teleported seemingly back to normality - no
trace of quarantine visible.

The cinematic gimbal shots and dolly work would hardly cut it if it wasn’t for the story, the acting, and the music score reinforcing the overall.
The snappy script lines, delivered in a sincere Voice Over narration, establish a relatable first-person mood, resonating common job-related
themes through the inner voice of the protagonist.




The video presents to the viewer/job candidate a simple win-win choice. Nature-based but futuristic. High-tech but low-key. Roomy, yet cozy.
At home or at the office? The feeling is similar, the choice is available. At TBS, you are more than a checklist or a scorecard. You are your workspace.

And, Your Workspace is Limitless.

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Executing video campaigns for Recruitment purposes amidst the Pandemic is not exactly an agency's routine practice. Luckily, if we know one thing here at Studio Rubik, that is to adapt. Here's a sneak peak into the the bitter-sweet science behind advertising. The Brief, the Challenges, the Goal. Solving a puzzle. Catching 22. Yet in the end - smart collaboration with a trusted partner always leads to better delivery, despite how curved the path can be.

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