client  :  FFW Agency  | 

year  :  2021  | 

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The Challenge

The Challenge

Doing honest work for the biggest IT Company in the country is its own reward. More so, when favored over the other fine agencies invited
When the senior management of a global enterprise opened the conversation with “We need something great, ready by... Yesterday!”, we
envisioned [not our first dance] the late nights and long weekends ahead. Among the worldwide leaders in the business of website
building and proud member of the Drupal Family, FFW deserved a worthy web page of its own. To showcase all the great work done so far,
to unite its international offices under one domain, the company [at that time] was mere days away from launching its brand new site.

In urgent need of a Brand Intro Video to serve as the crown jewel for the landing page and social media promotion, FFW’s research [in their
own words] had led to the “bold and versatile approach” of Studio Rubik. We ate the compliment, buckled up, and put the pedal-to-the-metal.
The other catch in the brief was that the video production needed to feature offices in multiple countries, currently near-empty due to Covid-19
restrictions. Among the goals of the video was to display the synergy of the workforce at FFW, between Denmark and Vietnam, the USA, Bulgaria,
or Russia - its employees engaged as one big family, no matter the distance and diversity.

In summary, produce a presentable Company Video, but remember:
No Filming Crew allowed among employees. No people in the office, everyone remote, [work-wise and geographically]. No actors or fake employees!
[“we want authenticity”]
…No pressure?

[but no time, either, don’t forget]

Ok, then…On we GO!



The tight deadline and pandemic constraints, kick-started our creative engine full-throttle, got us changing gears on the go, to adapt and
excel through ideas and commitment. To avoid crowding spaces, and also preserve the “real feel” of the FFW environment, we split the
video into three parts:

• Onsite office filming, interior, details.
• DIY sincere employee testimonials.
• Motion graphic animations of product.

In the spirit of collective effort versus hard times, we sent a guideline to FFW employees from different countries around the world, asking people
to record themselves on phone cameras with matching settings, greeting their foreign colleagues in their own language.

The Outcome

The Outcome

The result of the Self-Recorded Testimonials was one loud and colorful collage of messages, depicting the multi-faced world of FFW,
together as one. To balance out the DIY insertions, we blessed the video with cinematic spaces and aerial shots, unraveled through
dynamic transitions, and complete with animated FFW portfolio examples. At the end [not too far from the start], “the baby” was
delivered fresh and on time.

Together, with mutual efforts from both sides, empowered by the great workflow and communication between our multi-national
teams, FFW’s Corporate Intro Video launched with the new site - the start of the next era - surpassed client expectations, and
performed well with focus groups.

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